35 Billion US Dollars of the CPEC anticipated investment is earmarked for addition of17080 MWs Generation capacity of electricity (cost/MW—$2.05Million).On the other hand 1180 MWs Power House having the latest G.E. USA make machinery is under construction at Bhikki at the cost of 539 million dollars (obtained through open bidding) i.e.C/cost of 0.457 million dollars per MW of Generation. Total cost of CPEC projects will be only 7.8 Billion Dollars if computed on the relevant financial terms of Bhikki project. The rest of $27.2B is a margin for nefarious designs of our rulers, as the footprints of their buddies (Mr. Saif) are foundin the CPEC projects of 1320 MWs each just started at Sahiwal and Port Qasim. C/cost of the projects is1800 & 2080 million dollars(under hand settlement)which is respectively300% &345% of the relative cost of Bhikki Power.


Lahore, April 16.