That is the lead of an interview with the most renowned film maker of Lollywood Syed Noor published in Dawn 1o April 2016 . Ironically a few days earlier Shahji has been honoured with the award of Best Punjabi Film Maker in Visakhi Festival organised by Punjabi Parchar, an organisation committed to the revival of Punjabi language art and culture . 

Shahji is justified in his opinion because after Ishq Khuda a Shezad Rafique movie not a single worth mentioning Punjabi movie has been released for the last three years but would a film maker like him accept this phenomena as a destiny of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan ? The extinction of Punjabi cinema will be a great cultural loss of Pakistan and those capable of averting this catastrophe will not be forgiven for being silent spectators of it’s happening . It was Shahji who produced films like Jeeva and ghunghat in mid nineteens and was successful in bringing grieved cine goers back to cinemas and surely It will be again Shahji who will produce quality Punjabi movies and play his role effectively for revival of Punjabi cinema . By adding Punjabi songs in an Urdu movie or inserting the patches of Punjabi comics in a movie is no service to Punjabi cinema rather it is a disgrace to the language of 60 % of Pakistanis to limit it to merely jokes and songs . 

Shahji must remember that question of Punjabi cinema is linked with question of Punjabi language...and if Punjabi cinema is over it means Punjabi language is over ? 


Lahore, April 12.