After country wide fruit boycott, people have appealed to boycott mobile calls from June 10 to 15, reported Nawa-e-Waqt. 

The boycott is being called against ‘unfair’ mobile call taxes applied by mobile network companies.

This recent boycott appeal has been launched on social media and masses is being asked not to buy new calling cards, do not have new internet or message packages, do not dial overseas calls and only use mobile for emergency calls.

It is being further appealed to boycott easy load of all mobile networks.

Earlier, people themselves launched fruit three-day boycott from June 2 to June 4.

According to media reports, the fruit boycott did remain successful in most parts of the country as prices of fruit came down.

The social media-driven ‘fruit boycott’ campaign against buying fruits on exorbitant prices in Ramzan forced profiteers to lower the prices as consumers stayed away from fruit markets for two consecutive days of the campaign.

The campaign ended on Sunday. The citizens found some relief on second day of the campaign when the prices of fruits were reportedly lowered by up to 40 per cent after street vendors saw minimal market activity.

The deserted markets in Karachi waited for consumers yesterday. The fruit vendors over lack of customers said that it’s not their fault if they get something expensive from wholesalers.

The Empress Market in Saddar area is usually crowded but on Saturday, the market was largely empty. The fruit vendors were seemed perturbed immensely by the campaign.

The vendors spent their entire day swatting the flies away with only few customers approaching their stalls.