Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started the process for vacation of residential accommodations from its employees who have already been allotted a residential plot/flat by the authority or any other agency in their or their spouse name.

Such employees have been given six months to vacate these accommodations and in case of failure, they would face strict disciplinary action under the rules, the CDA officials said. They said that the CDA administration is trying to bring administrative proceedings in CDA under the umbrella of rules. In order to streamline the allotment of government accommodation process, many corrective actions have been taken. New housing policy has been approved by the CDA Board and implementation on the policy would be ensured. They said in future, allotment of government accommodations to CDA employees will be made under established norms and procedures. Steps have been taken to ensure merit and transparency in all administrative affairs including allotment of government accommodation, they said.

According to the circular, issued by Director General Administration of CDA, allotment of government accommodation on civic agency’s pool will be cancelled for those employees who own a house in their own name or in the name of any of their immediate family members or who have been allotted any type of government accommodation previously by CDA or Estate Office in their own name or in their spouse name or who have been allotted any plot from CDA or Ministry of Housing and Works or any other government agency. However, the allottees who fall in this category will be allowed a grace period of six months to vacate the government accommodation, they held. Disobeying the CDA Board decision is misconduct and violation of official procedure, rules and officials norms which entail strict disciplinary action under CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992. According to the CDA officials, the administration wing of the authority has taken several steps to streamline the government accommodation allotment process. In this connection, service of eight officials illegally occupying CDA accommodations was suspended on account of their misconduct in terms of Clause 16, Chapter IX of Accommodation Allocation Rules – 2002.

Furthermore, notices to the officials occupying government accommodations despite lapse of their entitlement were also served notices for voluntarily vacating the accommodation immediately under section-IV and V Land Building (Recovery and Possession Ordinance-1965 LIV and 1965) otherwise these accommodations would be vacated by force.