SIALKOT-PTI leader Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has vowed to continue her mission to serve the people without political discrimination, and said that she joined the PTI after consultations with her people. She stated this while talking to newsmen during a press conference. She said that the political elements criticising her for joining PTI were the political orphans.

Dr Firdous announced to rule political arena in her native constituency (NA 111 Bajwat-Sialkot) with the power of the votes of the people who are being deprived of their basic rights. She claimed that PTI Central leadership has crowned her in this constituency against the PTI's another leader Chaudhry Ameer Hussain.

To a question, she said that the political elements opposing her decision of joining PTI were "political orphans" and their political opposing does not matter. She vowed to continue her struggle for the rights of people.

She said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan recently got conducted a political survey in the constituency. She said that in this special survey, 95 percent people of the constituency voted in favour of her. She said that the people rejected Chaudhry Ameer Hussain during this survey. She said that after the survey, she joined the PTI as per the aspirations of the people of her area.

The PTI Chairman has assigned her a frontline task and a leading political role in the constituency, she said. After joining the PTI, she vowed to give very tough time to the PML-N ahead of the 2018 general elections. This is the constituency from where she had won the 2008 general elections as PPP candidate and lost 2013 general elections as PPP candidate.

She announced to utilise her full energy to dent the PML-N with the active cooperation of her voters and supporters, as she was aspiring to contest the 2018 general elections as PTI candidate. She claimed that the "winds of political change" were blowing as the people want change.

She pledged to make the constituency a "stronghold" of PTI, leaving both PML-N and PPP far behind in this political race with the power of the votes.

"Now, it was the high time for PTI to flourish in this constituency," she added.