Even though the Prime Minister’s son Hussain almost keeled over from low blood sugar when he appeared before the Joint Investigation Team, Nehal Hashmi was forced to resign from the Senate and was summoned before the Supreme Court for contempt, for saying bad things about the judges and the JIT members. Perhaps the worst thing he did was remind them that they would retire. Public servants do not look kindly on retirement.

The government reacted to its comparison with the Mafia, when Hashmi was told that it was the Mafia that threatened judges. It was a further reminder that judges could quote from, or make references to, The Godfather. The government is unimpressed, as it is headed by a man who would regard as worse than corruption the charge that he had read a book. It’s a particularly bad time for intellectuals. Think of them. Mian Nawaz. Asif Zardari. Imran Khan. And then think whether any even looks as if he has ever read a whole book.

As for Nehal Hashmi, I wonder if he had drunk any Naunehal gripe water. I learned a long time ago that gripe water works by having a chemical in it combine with the normal chemicals in a baby’s stomach, and turn into alcohol. So the kid isn’t so much soothed as a little drunk.

Irrespective of what the good Senator had been drinking or smoking, if anything, the Supreme Court also had the temerity to ask Imran Khan to provide the money trail for his Bani Gala residence. The Court didn’t take into account the 1992 World Cup win, while the PML(N) has shown no sign of self-examination about what’s going on in its Karachi chapter. I mean, before Nehal Hashmi, there was Mushahid Ullah Khan, who had to be sacked from the federal cabinet after saying things about the DG ISI back in 2015. Karachi itself is too busy with the fruit boycott, which was protesting the high prices of fruit this Ramazan. Of course, it’s not just the prices of fruit. It’s a summer Ramazan too, with the national record for the highest temperature already having gone to Turbat, which touched 53.5 C, prompting the Met Office to say: it is expected that in June the temperatures in major cities like Turbat, Mohen-jo-Daro, Sibbi, Jaccobad, Larkana, Dadu, Nokkundi, Dalbandin, Bhakkar, Sakrund and Sukkur will cross 53 Celsius.” In short, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Heat is playing havoc with tempers. Especially if there’re power outages at sehri, as there have been in Karachi and Sindh. One person has even been killed, a PTI worker in KP.

I wonder if the heat had anything to do with the chaps in Rampur, India, who were caught in Rampur groping and pushing a woman caught in their midst. Three have been arrested, while the dozen or so who watched are being sought. The gropers would have got away, had the incident not been caught on camera and then played on a TV news channel.

The attackers must have been maddened by eating beef. That is probably why the Indian Environment Minister banned sale and purchase of cows for slaughter. Not for religious reasons. But to stop the poor dumb animals facing cruelty. Kerala wants to go on being cruel to cows, and intends to beef about the ban to the Supreme Court.

One Indian man had more pressing problems than cows. Men urinated on his e-rickshaw stand in Delhi. He complained, and they went off sheepishly. But came back in the evening with a gang that beat him up. He died in the night.

How would the Indian team react to the Pakistan team beating them up, because that they could probably do, even if they can’t win at cricket. Well, if you off people because they don’t like you taking a leak or winning a sporting contest, you also off them if you have a custody problem, as did Corey Goodbolt, who went on a shooting spree in Lincoln county, Mississippi, where he killed a deputy sheriff (who had been called in to deal with him) and three women (including his mother-in-law), then two ‘juvenile males’ at another location, and finally a man and a woman at a third. His conclusion: “I ain’t fit to live.”

Was that the sentiment of anyone involved in the stabbings of two men in Portland, Oregon, when they stopped their assailant picking on two burqa-clad women? The attacker was a white supremacist, but we had President Donald Trump praising the killed men. Trump must have found the stabbings a distraction from his son-in-law’s plight. He was facing criticism for trying to set up a backchannel with the Russians.

Well, that was perhaps better than the Pakistan-origin doctor who was racially abused when he was going to treat the Manchester blast victims. He had been born and brought up in Yorkshire. Was no one wondering what a Geordie was doing in Manchester?

Meanwhile, guitarist Aamir Zaki died in Karachi, only 49. A sad death, certainly sadder than that of rocker Chris Cornel, who was 52. And than that of Sharifuddin Pirzada. Now perhaps no martial law can be imposed (all four were imposed with his help). However, it was also said of Nawabzada Nasrullah that no Martial Law could be removed without him. And he died in 2003, when Musharraf was going strong. Worshippers of military rule need not been discouraged. If Musharraf could go, then martial law can come.