World Environment Day is observed internationally on 05 June every year under the auspices of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Importance of environment and stimulate political attention and actions for improving the environment is the main motive of celebrating World Environment Day.

“Connecting People to Nature” is theme of this year, selected for World Environment Day was with an aim that preservation of nature is in fact securing our environment for our future generations.

Pakistan Navy celebrates World Environment Day regularly. This year, PN also celebrated World Environment. PN arranged numerous activities on this Day to highlight the significance of environment in Pakistan and to promote awareness amongst public, concerned agencies and departments especially focusing on the marine environment. These activities include lectures on significance on the day, Designing of Banners, Essay Writing, Chart Making competitions and Cleaning Campaigns in Harbours and Coasts involving PN as well as local populace.

Chief of the Naval Staff in his message reaffirmed Pakistan Navy’s commitment to make every effort for betterment of environment, especially in the maritime domain.

Naval Chief emphasized that our conduct in professional and private lives should be in line with best practices and principles of protection, preservation and conservation of environment. Admiral Zakaullah further reiterated that PN will continue to play its due role in this regard and contribute to the national cause.