Every Pakistani is delighted at having become part of the Club of those who have scored 10,000 and more runs in Test Cricket. Younis Khan became one of the only 12 cricketers in history to have done so. Nobody can express in words; how important this achievement is to the the image of Pakistan. 

Younis Khan should review his decision to retire after this series, as he is capable of earning more runs for Pakistan and the juniors will learn more from his presence. Younis Khan is in good form and if he plays 15 tests more in future, he will be able to surpass 4 or 5 cricketers of this club. Not only is he the first Pakistani to cross the milestone of ten thousand runs, after 34 centuries, he is also number 6 on the list of most centuries in test matches. He smashed a century against each Test status cricket team. Mr. Khan is the only Pakistani who got more than 139 catches in Test Cricket, besides 10 catches in test series of 3 matches. Earlier this year, Younis also became the first batsman to score centuries in all 11 countries. He has an excellent average of more than 53% and is an inspiration for upcoming cricketers to follow with his undaunted temperament which is mandatory for test match. He has also made 6 double centuries in Test Matches, the only Pakistani to have done so besides legendary cricketer Javed Miandad. 

He debuted his career in 2000 and has performed brilliantly since, in every condition of pitch. Moreover, he has never been involved in any conspiracy or match/spot fixing and has always relied on his ability. He proved a good Ambassador for Pakistan’s reputation. Pakistan Cricket Board should announce a tribute for him with an award such as “Sir” Mighty of Pakistan and Little Master etc. An enclosure as well as Cricket Academy should be allocated in the name of Younis Khan. Well done Younis Khan. Cricket lover will appreciate your performance for times to come. 


Karachi, May 14.