Sindh High Court rejected Dr. Asim Hussain’s plea to exclude his name from Exit Control List (ECL).

Former Petroleum Minister and PPP leader had submitted the application in the court after his bail from corruption and terrorism cases.

In his application Dr. Asim appealed the court for his exclusion from ECL as he wants to go to abroad for medical treatment.

In its verdict, SHC remarked that all medical facilities demanded by PPP leader are available in Pakistan.

The court cannot exclude his name from the list as he is suspect in mega corruption case, SHC mentioned.

Earler, Dr. Asim Hussain had filed an application in the court for exclusion of his name from Exit Control List (ECL).

The advocates of former Petroleum Minister Dr. Asim held the stance that their client has serious issues of kidneys and back.

They argue, facilities for his treatment are not available in Pakistan, hence he should be allowed to go to abroad.

A report by a board of nine doctors also has been submitted in the court.

Dr. Asim’s name is in ECL with reference to facilitating terrorists and corruption cases.