Lahore - Balloki combined-cycle power plant of 1223MW in Kasur has successfully completed the combined cycle Reliability Run Test (RRT).

RRT is one of the most important tests before commissioning of a power plant. The reliable operations and performance of entire power complex is tested under various conditions and on various loads and then approved for commercial operations.

Balloki combined-cycle power plant is the project of National Power Parks Management Company (NPPMCL) and it is located in district Kasur of Punjab. According to a press release issued here, Balloki power plant completed its simple cycle RRT on 16th August 2017 and achieved simple cycle COD on 30th August, 2017 to supply 760MW to the national grid. Since then, Balloki power plant has supplied 1.8 billion to the national grid amounting to 18 billion rupees.

Ground-breaking of Balloki power plant took place on November 10, 2015. Implementation of such a massive project in only 31 months is an achievement for National Power Parks Management Company (NPPMCL). NPPMCL is also responsible for the implementation of 1230MW Haveli Bahadur Shah (HBS) power plant in Jhang. HBS achieved its combined cycle COD on May 9, 2018.

Together, both plants have exported 3.7 billion units into the national grid. Since the beginning of Ramazan, NPPMCL has successfully generated 880 million units of electricity which is enough to power 6 million households i.e. approximately 18pc of total households in Pakistan.