Islamabad-A total of 165 policemen from Operations Division have been rewarded in recognition of good work while 186 have been punished for poor performance during the current year, according to the police.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Najeeb-ur-Rehman Bugvi has said that Islamabad police have adopted this idea of rewarding the policemen to improve their efficiency and get better output.

Similarly, it has also adopted a policy of zero tolerance against corruption which is aggressively pursued to stop the misuse of power by the police officials or sluggishness by them.

A total of 165 police officers including two Inspectors, seven Sub-Inspectors, 33 Assistant Sub-Inspectors, 14 Head Constables and 109 Constables were rewarded during this period by in recognition of well-peformed duties.

On the other hand, 186 policemen have had to face disciplinary action over dereliction of duties.

A total of 28 Inspectors, 28 Sub-Inspectors, 47 ASIs, 32 head constables and 45 constables faced action due to their sluggish policing and corrupt practices. Among them, 19 police officials were demoted, increment of four police officials were stopped, 94 policemen were censured, 67 policemen had to face service forfeiture while two policemen were dismissed.

One Inspector and 20 Constables of Islamabad police were shown were shown the door during this period over various charges of corruption.

Increments of one Sub-Inspector, four Assistant Sub-Inspectors, three Head Constable, 59 Constables were stopped during this period.

SSP Islamabad Najeeb-ur-Rehman Bugvi has said that accountability system helps in improving the performance of any department and working of the staff can be easily judged through it.  He said that accountability campaign had been aggressively launched and policemen were expected to keep away from corrupt practices.

Renewing the commitment to root out the menace of corruption and make Islamabad police a corruption-free force, Najeeb-ur-Rehman Bugvi said that no one within the department would be allowed to do any kind of embezzlement and only those following the policy of zero tolerance would survive.