LAHORE-Mahira Khan is glamorous, edgy and oozes class. Her chic style is a mark of her beguiling personality. She has always stood up against social issues and has a major role in highlighting the flaws of society.  In short with her gorgeous face and splendid acting aptitudes she has certainly made the difference. Over the years, she hasn’t just won the hearts of her fans but also bagged film critics good reviews.

After a dark turn in Verna, Mahira is back with a comedy flick 7 Din Mohabbat In which will be released on 15th June. In a brief encounter, Mahira opened up about her latest film, her choice of role and her inspiration in life. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Tell us something about your role of Neeli in 7DMI? How well did you connect to the role in the film?

Neeli is a girl who lives in her own world. She is an affectionate spirited girl who weaves her own fairy tale fantasies.

Did you discover something about yourself while playing the role?

I discovered that I loved acting. Through this role I realised that I can also do comedy but the cinemagoers will better tell me how much good was my character in the film.

How do you feel that your last film Verna didn’t work on the box office despite the fact that your performance received good reviews?

I don’t like it when my film doesn’t work on the box office. I want all my films to be blockbuster hits and the reviews should be perfect. If you ask me why Humsafar was a successful drama serial I will not be able to tell you. I can sit down and analysis it with you but I never understand the formula of film on the box-office.

You seem to be high with the kind of appreciation you are getting for your performances. Are you satisfied with the way your career has progressed?

I think I’m doing what I wanted to do. I signed Verna despite I had so many other options. I’m happy with the way my career is progressing.

You were invited to Canne’s Film Festival as the first official spokesperson for Loreal Paris Pakistan. How was your experience?

Cannes is a festival that every actor looks up to. I’m glad I got this opportunity. L’Oreal Paris Pakistan represents women of worth and it’s something that I value greatly. When I was announced as the brand’s spokesperson I gave an impromptu speech on how we cannot let anyone define our worth. It was an amazing experience standing on the red-carpet representing Pakistan.

There was a time when you were going through a turbulent phrase in your personal and professional life. Did it ever occur to you to quit the showbiz industry?

No not at all! Unfortunately this is life you have to move on and fight with such issues. To runway is never the solution.

What’s your take on #Metoo movement and the controversy of Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi?

#Metoo is one the most important movements to come out in recent time. It’s important because there has been such a long period of fear and therefore silence because of it. Whatever the case might be I think Meesha has been so brave to speak out on sexual harassment.

If you get a chance to work in biopic, which personality would you like to play on screen?

I would love to play the biopic of Nazia Hassan and Benazir Bhutto. I would also say Noor Jahan but I can’t speak Punjabi.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming projects?

Yes, there is Maula Jatt2 and right now I have high hopes from 7 Din Mohabbat In.