Lahore: Former Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that Imran Khan is not capable of leading the country adding that next election will be contested on the basis of performance, not on slogans.

If any botcher comes to power, he will roll back the process of development, he said while criticizing Chairman PTI during his chat with media in Lahore on Tuesday.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the incompetency of Imran Khan is enough to defeat him and the U-turn of Imran Khan regarding the matter of caretaker Chief Minister is the proof of his incompetence and lack of ability.

The next election will be held on the basis of development works, not on the basis of slogans, he added.

He further observed that if any change comes, the projects worth Rs billions will be stalemated. Those projects are necessary to be completed which we have started. We used to make motorway in 1990 and PPP stopped it.

The Peshawar city has been turned into ruins and Karachi turned into a heap of garbage but the whole world appreciates development work in Punjab, he held.

Responding to a question regarding the book of Reham Khan, Iqbal said that this is a personal matter of Imran and Reham. We do not have any concern with this matter.