LALAMUSA/NOWSHERA VIRKAN -  PML-N and PTI leaders criticised each other’s leadership and their policies

during the last five-year tenure.

Former minister of state Ch Jaffar Iqbal said that Nawaz Sharif and PML-N government worked hard and fulfilled the five-point agenda it set in the beginning of its term. “However, some people tried to pull our legs but despite that we fulfilled all our promises,” he claimed.

The PML-N candidate in NA 70 further added that now his party would go to the voters and show them their performance so that the masses could judge for themselves.  Addressing an Iftar dinner for regional journalists and notables, he said that the PTI was afraid of going to the people for votes owing to their poor performance. He said that due to new delineations of his constituency, now it has four Punjab Assembly seats under NA-70.

On the other side, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leader Sarfraz Ahmad said that the PML-N government looted the national resources ruthlessly, pushed the country and the nation into darkness and made records of corruption over the past five years.

While talking to the media, he regretted that the corrupt rulers deprived the masses of livelihood only to fill their pockets and made the nation bankrupt. He urged the masses to bring PTI to power through the power of their vote to save the country and eliminate corruption from the country.

He said that only committed leadership could bring revolution in the country though up-gradation of education, health and employment sector. He expressed the hope that entire Pakistan would be changed under the leadership of Imran Khan after winning the upcoming general elections.

He expressed grave concerns over flaws in the political system. He said that all the mainstream political parties should find out the flaws in the prevailing political system.