Okara - The PTI candidate in NA-142 constituency said that his party would win the General Elections 2018 as both the PML-N and PPP had done nothing for the common man rather they filled their coffers with national wealth.

Rao Hassan Sikandar, the son of late Rao Sikandar Iqbal, talking to media-men. He said Pakistan was being depressed with water shortage, not only for drinking but also for irrigation purpose. “Our rivers have dried up on account of Indian conspiratorial strategy. Our agriculture sector is going down on account of non-availability of water. For 25 years, the sovereign people have turned a blind eye to water issues. They continued raising Metro and Orange Train projects, whereas it was essential to build dams instead of anything else,” he said.  He said that PTI would not only provide all the facilities for the masses but also steer the country out of crises. “PTI will maintain the honour and dignity of the country on the globe and bring easily accessible prosperity to the nation. On 25th July, the people would lay the foundation stone of a new Pakistan which would be corruption-free,” he said.