LAHORE (PR) - The political parties are required to commit themselves to introduce far reaching reforms to eliminate inequalities and plundering of the national wealth by the elite and achieve national economic self reliance by breaking the chains of foreign debts and ensuring the equal standard free education to each child and promote decent work and dignity of work and social protection to the poor segments of the society.

These views were expressed in a special meeting of electricity/Wapda workers on the eve of Iftar party at Bakhtiar Labour Hall Lahore under the aegis of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union CBA, which was attended by Khurshid Ahmed, general secretary of the union, along with other representatives. Hundreds of workers and trade union representatives and representatives of the management of electricity/Wapda also participated in the meeting.

The participants offered prayer for the success of prosperity of the nation and struggling people of Kashmir, Palestine, Burma and Syria and appealed to all sectors of the society to forge unity and establish a society based upon social democracy, equality and social justice.

M Ikram Khan, Member (Finance) Wapda, Shoaib Taqi, General Manager (HR) Wapda, also spoke on the occasion and declared that the employees of Wapda/electricity perform their work as prayer to meet the basic needs of water and electricity of the nation. They assured that Wapda Authority would continue to take all necessary steps for workers welfare along with their families.