KARACHI-The shopping spree in Karachi, a business hub of the country, witnessed a downfall of around 30 percent in Eid season due to rising inflation.

The traders had termed the ongoing shopping season as unsatisfactory saying that they were expecting the Eid season to garner a sale of Rs 50 billion.

“The season, however, witnessed sale of only Rs 35 billion,” said the Chairman of All Karachi Traders Association Atiq Mir.

He said that the traders wait for Eid season for a record sale, however, rise in fuel, electricity and gas prices has overburdened the already burdened consumer, facing rising inflation in the country.

“The people who came out in large numbers during last days of Ramazan also restricted themselves to window shopping,” he said and blamed that the large number of visitors to shopping malls only benefitted the traffic and other police departments who continued to loot masses unabated in the name of illegal parking and snap checking.

He claimed that around 50 percent of material prepared for Eid by shopkeepers was not sold out and the total sales across the city remained 30 percent low as compared to their estimates.

He, however, said that sale was witnessed at roadside stalls, where financially weak consumers were able to buy Eid dresses, shoes and other things at lower cost.

“The low cost markets including Gul Plaza and other markets remained a special attraction for the consumers,” Mir said.

“Except some of the shopping centres, the major centres in the city witnessed a below par turnaround of the consumers,” the trade leader said adding that most of men wear could not be sold out while sale of women and children material remained a major attraction for the consumers.

Mohammad Ali, who runs a food business in the city, said that he was unable to purchase clothes for him this year due to hike in inflation that had affected the purchasing power of the consumer.

“I bought dresses and footwear for my family members but could not purchase it for me as my budget went out”.