I would like to highlight my recent experience with FBR and how it seems that FBR has come up with ever newer ways to meet the revenue targets without having to touch the one happily outside the tax net. The salaried class is what comes to every government’s mind to meet revenue shortfalls along with indirect taxes.

I was served a notice by FBR yesterday (30th May) based on my return filed in the tax year 2013. Regardless of the contents of the notice, it is worth highlighting that the letter was dated 22nd May yet it only got dispatched on 27th May. (The last date to submit my response to the notice is on or before 30th May (the day notice was received) rendering me unable to respond to the notice.

If this is the practice is used with all existing taxpayers, I am sure FBR would meet whatever targets are assigned to it.


Islamabad, May 31.