Rome   -    Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Monday he was ready to resign unless the two parties in the governing populist coalition – the League and the Five Star Movement – stopped squabbling.“I am asking both these political forces to make a choice and tell me if they still want to honour the government’s obligations,” he said. If not, “I will simply end my mandate.” Relations between the League and M5S soured during the campaign for European parliamentary elections on May 26. “I want a clear, unequivocal and speedy response,” Conte said, calling foar a “loyal collaboration” from all ministers. Conte is seeking a firm mandate to continue a dialogue with the European Union over Italy’s public debt. Italy’s far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who is from the League, said last Tuesday that he expected Brussels to sanction his country for its deteriorating deficit and huge debt by imposing a fine of three billion euros ($3.3 billion).