LAHORE - Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan on Tuesday urged the Federal Ministers not to create any problems for the Prime Minister by their unnecessary statements.

“Ministers should keep in mind that they are players in Imran Khan’s team. They should lessen his problems instead of creating issues for him”, she said while speaking in “Meet the Press” programme of Lahore Press Club here. She was speaking in the context of Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s utterances against a TV anchorperson. She termed Minister’s remarks as uncalled for devoid of ethics. Firdous asked the Ministers to abandon what she called poisonous narrative that might affect somebody’s integrity.

She said that Ministers may have their opinions on issues and personal likes and dislikes for things but these should not be reflected in their statements. “We should put a stop to verbal slander”, she said.  PM’s special Assistant also came down hard on the Opposition for addressing the elected persons with negative titles.

“It amounts to disrespecting the sanctity of [their] office”, she remarked, adding, that people must take ownership of elected representatives and show respect for them.  “Using abusive titles for the Prime Minister means that you are doing so out of jealousy and hatred. It tantamount to disrespecting the office besides the person you are talking about. People come and go, but the sanctity of institutions and offices must remain intact”, she said. Talking about the problems facing the media persons, Firdous Aashiq said that she was trying to resolve their issues in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. She told reporters that Imran Khan was mindful of the fact that media had helped strengthened his narrative which contributed to his election victory in 2018.

She further stated that her department was in the process of devising a new media policy which would be announced soon after taking feedback from all the stakeholders. She also said that government had plans to reform the Information Ministry and its allied departments to improve their working.