Most regretfully, I want to say that we do not want the “NAYA PAKISTAN”. In these 9 months, we have not seen any modification but rather are facing mountainous internal and external debt. The very frustrating and slow economy of Pakistan itself witnesses a complete paucity and mythical bright future.

As a human and citizen of Pakistan, how can my conscience assume it a NAYA PAKISTAN where people are deprived of fundamental rights like hygienic food, safe water, electricity, gas, employment and much more. Pakistan ranks the 6th worst country for women which is undoubtedly a blemish as being recognised as an Islamic country. A few weeks ago, a ten years old an innocent girl named Farishta was gang-raped and then brutally killed.

The development of this country is probably impossible where its own people are unsafe. It a matter of fact that no country progresses without a high standard education system and technology but here the books seem ruined and unchanged from decades and technology looks adverse. CPEC, the so-called economy booster is a total malefic for the people of Balochistan where mega-projects are launched. The rich Balochistan is the poorest place in the whole of Asia. The 21st century is still a stone age period in Pakistan.

So I again plead for the OLD PAKISTAN.


Karachi, May 31.