RTI ACT, 2013 was passed with the objective to ensure the access of citizens to information in government departments and thus ensuring a conducive environment for the growth of democracy. The RTI is an independent statutory body headed by the KP chief information commissioner and two commissioners. The RTI Act 2013, entails that the chief information commissioner shall be a retired Senior government servant(BPS-20 or above). Moreover, the two information commissioner shall be appointed on the basis that one member shall be an advocate of the High Court or Supreme Court, and the other shall be a person from academia having experience of not less than 15 years. In this regard, two information commissioners appointed by the KP government were professors but this time around, KP government has recommended a person from information department to replace the position reserved for professors. This speaks volumes about the maltreatment of KP government with the professor community of KP. The fraternity condemns and will resist if the seat reserved for Professors is given to any other department.


Peshawar, May 31.