The PPP and PML-N ruled the country for more than 15 years, but neither could eliminate corruption nor reduce poverty. These parties also failed in establishing educational and health institutions despite their loud claims. They did take a few cosmetic steps to help the less fortunate. For example, the PPP government issued BISP card to provide relief to the poor. Similarly, the PML-N established Zakat and Baitul-maal for the poor to receive money from these funds.

These are all cosmetic measures for social uplifting. Our leaders don’t seem to understand that no one ever became rich by living on charity. Our leaders must inculcate the habit of working and earning livelihood for the downtrodden. Now PTI has assumed power riding on the wave of change and promising to alleviate human suffering and raise society above the poverty level. It is yet to be seen what steps PTI takes to tackle the menace of poverty. I hope and pray that PTI takes some solid steps to move the economy and alleviate poverty.


Islamabad, May 31.