Human life whirls around one thing and that one thing is sustenance; food. What does a man not do to achieve the provision of sustenance? He struggles fervently through a day for food to satisfy his and his family’s hunger. A man is even ready to leave his country his people his family behind for sustenance, it’s been widely quoted that life puts you there where your food is. It’s not food it is actually hunger that compels a man to take such blunt steps in life. Since the day he is born one thing he cannot live without is food and till death he went out in search of sustenance according to the options he have. One cannot imagine living without food no matter in which part of world he is living to which culture he belongs. Taste and nutritional factors could vary but not the basics. The question arises here, is it enough to fill up your stomach with food any kind of food? the answer is no, one also need to consider the nutritional value of food he is consuming one should must ask himself that food he is consuming, is it satisfying the nutrition a body requires for proper functionality or is it just satiating hunger ?

In December 2018 United Nations declared 7th June as World food safety day this is been celebrated for the first time ever in history this year globally with the collaboration of World Health organization and Food and Agricultural Organization . Food safety refers to the conditions and practices that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination and food-borne illnesses. The chief purpose of celebrating food safety day is not only to end hunger but also to ensure access to good quality nutritious and sufficient food for people. According to WHO report one of every ten person in world is affected because of contaminated food consumption, almost 600 million people suffered from food borne illness out of which of 33 million dies annually. The mortality rate is drastically high in children, 125000 children dies every year whereas 40 percent carries food borne illnesses with them. The condition in Pakistan is no different than others as per the report of UNICEF 45 percent children in Pakistan screened to chronic malnutrition more than 15 per cent of children in the same age-group suffer from severe acute malnutrition, an illness that can also be fatal. More than the half population of Pakistan lack the access to safe food. Healthy nutritious food is a growing threat to human health there is an utter need to make good efficient policies and strategies to cope up with this situation.

The initiative to celebrate world food safety day would aware people about the matter they take for granted otherwise and that is consuming healthy safe food. Every other person has experienced food borne illness by consuming unhealthy food once in a life. World food safety is not only been celebrated internationally but also at national level in Pakistan at different forums and organizations. In this regard Punjab Food Authority is zealously working to ensure food safety for consumers. The World Food safety day is been devotedly celebrated in Punjab Food Authority, their activities sees active growth because food safety is the core motto of the respective authority.

Unsafe food is a global threat for every person, women, men, children, infants it does not spare anyone. Safe food is as important for human body as oxygen to breathe. Safe food is a food which have all the nutrients in right amount and which prove to be useful in the proper functionality of body. If a person does not consume healthy and balanced diet it leads to malnourishment, weakens your body system and eventually a man suffers from different food borne illnesses. Tragically here in Pakistan we consider food shortage problem as problem but nutritional deficiency is not taken account of whereas nutritional deficiency is equally alarming.

With fast-growing population in world the food demand has also been increased and in case of excessive food production nutritional values are been ignored. Unfortunately in the contemporary fast pace world one does not bother to determine whether the food he is consuming is safe or unsafe. A major reason which worsens the situation are that people don’t have time to consider or ponder on the nutritional values of food items they are consuming and what exactly their body requires. They prefer whatever is available in market especially ready to eat food items and to make such food items nutrition rich is extremely difficult. Food products in market which claimed to be nutritionally strengthened proved to be most hazardous. Importantly, majority of the consumers seem to be willing to pay a premium price for food products whose safety has been independently verified and as per the report of “The importance of food safety” by TÜV SÜD Safety Gauge even some of those independently verified food items are not safe to consume. One must ponder as how to deplete doubts on food safety.

For consumers around the world consuming healthy safe nutritious food is an essential requirement for maintaining their health and wellbeing. As once Virginia Wolf quoted

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

Food safety insurance is of high importance at production level but eventually it is a collective responsibility among governments, food industries, producers and consumers so every person living on the face of earth must contribute towards this and ensure quality food.