ISLAMABAD                 -          Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has decided to erect several pickets and deploy policemen over there to prevent one-wheeling and car racing especially at the weekends, in the capital.

ITP has deputed 247 policemen to check one-wheeling and rash driving in the city. Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Khalid Rasheed has said that number of pickets has been increased up to 36 for effective crackdown against speedsters and policemen would perform duty in two shifts at these special pickets.

He said that six pickets would perform duties from 12 am to 6 am to ensure effective action against those involved in activities of one-wheeling and rash driving.

As per directions of IGP Islamabad Muhammad AamirZulfiqar, the SP said, strict patrolling on important roads of the city would be ensured to curb one-wheeling and pickets to be erected to stop this practice. He said that those involved in one-wheeling not only put their own lives at risk but also of others. He appealed parents to keep vigilant eye on activities of their children so that any mishap may be avoided. Healthy life is a blessing from Almighty Allah and one should take care of it, he argued.

SP (Traffic) said that heavy fine would be imposed on one-wheelers and their bikes would also be impounded. During the last one month, he said that 15,242 motorcyclists were fined and tickets amounting Rs. 3,461,600 were issued to them. A total of 1,533 bikes were also impounded at various police stations during this period, he added.

Meanwhile, the SSP (Traffic) FarrukhRasheed has said that ITP has also constituted special squads as part of their renewed efforts to curb practice of underage driving. He hoped that such practices would be checked through cooperation of parents and community.

It is to mention here that Islamabad Traffic Police has erected 14 special police pickets and constituted special squads to curb one-wheeling and road stunt activities in the city. The pickets have been erected to check practice of one-wheeling, car racing and rash driving which not only put life of the violator in danger but also of other road-users. Various teams and special squads of ITP would continuously patrol in various areas of the city especially at 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Margallah Road, Kashmir Highway, Expressway, Murree Road, to take action against speedsters who play stunt on roads, said the officials. Special deployment would be made at 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, MargallahRoad, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Faizabad, Rawal Road,BharaKahu to stop one-wheeling and racing at weekends.

The SP has said that various teams of ITP patrol at weekend to curb rash driving. He said that one-wheelers drive their bikes in form of groups and police teams regularly monitor their activities.

He said that police would accelerate its efforts in the coming days as he appealed the parents and teachers to refrain the children from indulging in one-wheeling saying that although it is thrill but kills and puts lives of children as well as of other road-users in danger.