PESHAWAR - The district administration has started imposing fines on citizens for not wearing facemasks while roaming in the city.

On Thursday, the district ad­ministration fined a citizen for Rs1000 and started the practice of imposing fines on those violating the SOPs. It said a citizen was not wearing facemask in Matani area due to which the assistant com­missioner fined him.

After relaxation in the lockdown in Peshawar, a large number of people are now coming to differ­ent bazaars, markets and shop­ping plazas. Many people were seen ignoring the SOPs imposed to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

During a survey it was observed that most of the people were not using sanitizers to keep their hands clean after contact with oth­ers, whereas very few people were also seen observing the guidelines for social distancing.

It was also observed that viola­tion of the precautionary meas­ures and SOPs is particularly more in the rural areas, where people were not observing social distanc­ing during gatherings, in bazzars and standing in queues for petrol in filling stations.


Deputy Commissioner Muham­mad Kabir Afridi Thursday made wearing of facemasks mandatory for people in public places.

DC Kabir Afridi said that coro­navirus is a pandemic and it is spreading fast in the province as well as in the country. He urged upon people to adopt precaution­ary measures to save their lives from this pandemic. He said that no one will be allowed in Tank ba­zzar without wearing mask.

Its worth mentioning here that the KP government has made it mandatory for public to wear masks in public places.

Meanwhile, two more patients died of corona virus in the dis­trict yesterday taking the virus death toll to 33 while 14 more people tested positive for corona virus that took the number of co­rona patients 555, health sourc­es said.

The sources added that 2,294 tests were conducted in the dis­trict so far while 1,411 were test­ed negative for the virus while the reports of 328 suspected patients are still awaited.

Around 358 suspected patients were discharged from different isolation centers in the district.

The sources added that the number of patients at quarantine center is nil while 43,083 people have been screened in different parts of the district so far.

The district administration has urged the masses to adopt SOPs for their own protection against the coroanavirus.