Lahore - Vice-Chairperson Sarwar Foundation, Begum Perveen Sarwar, wife of Governor Punjab, said on Thursday that provision of clean drinking water to the masses and save them from disease was the mission of her life.

Talking to the media, she said the Sarwar Foundation, in collaboration with Al-Khair Foundation  had installed five clean drinking water filtration plants in Toba Tek Singh besides two water  plants in Lahore.

To a question, she said that work was underway on the installation of 13 more filtration plants in Balochistan and other parts of the country, adding that the Sarwar Foundation was providing  free clean drinking water to more than three million people daily.

To a question, she said more than 200,000 people would benefit from the water filtration plants  in Toba Tek Singh alone. About other projects, Begum Perveen Sarwar said Sarwar Foundation will set up 20 filtration  plants in different parts of Punjab and Balochistan in collaboration with Al Khair Foundation  with preference to the areas where people suffered from water borne and other dangerous  diseases including hepatitis.

“In Toba Tek Singh filtration plants have been inaugurated in five sites, including Pir Mahal,  Rajana, 263 GB, 269 GB, and 270 GB”, she added.

Replying to a question, Begum Perveen Sarwar said Sarwar Foundation was the largest  welfare organization providing safe drinking water as per World Health Organization (WHO)  guidelines.