During the last 24 hours, around 2000 new corona cases along with a number of deaths have been reported in Pakistan. The pandemic is abruptly skewing upward, a dangerous sign for both the health sector, as well as the public at large.

The main reason behind this sharp increase is the non-observance of precautionary measures by general members of the public, a precarious situation that may lead us into a blind alley. Before we reach the point of no return, we must act prudently for our own, and for our nation’s safety. It must be realized that we do not boast an adequate enough healthcare system to withstand a wide outbreak of Covid-19. The only way to navigate our way to safety within this pandemic is by following all prescribed SOPs to the letter.

Restricting our movement until the pandemic is over would also be helpful in inhibiting its spread. Instead of issuing unfounded statements, the government must focus on establishing a unified policy to combat the virus. A vociferous campaign may be launched to raise awareness amongst the general population. The civil society should also join hands with the health sector and the government to curb the spread of the pandemic and work our way towards safety.