ISLAMABAD - Experts have warned that strategic stability in South Asia was being eroded by In­dian arms buildup, its hawkish leaders and ab­sence of a strategic re­strain regime.

They were speaking at a webinar hosted by the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) on the topic of ‘Dynam­ics of Nuclear South Asia: 22 Years of Nucleariza­tion’ in connection with the anniversary of Paki­stan’s nuclear tests. The session was moderated by CISS senior research­er Huma Rehman.

Senior Fellow at CISS Dr. Naeem Salik, while speaking about the South Asian strategic environ­ment, said strategic sta­bility in South Asia was very fragile. In this he context, he particularly pointed towards the hos­tile statements against Pakistan by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who controls Indian nu­clear button.

Strategic stability in the region, Dr Salik con­tended, was “tenuous and in absence of any strategic restraint re­gime, it is very danger­ous for the peace of re­gion.”

The ‘new normal’ con­cept being propagated by India to indicate its read­iness to engage Pakistan militarily, he said, is con­tributing to the fragility of the region’s strategic stability.