Syrian air defences repelled a reported Israeli missile attack over the city of Masyaf in Syria’s Hama province on Thursday night, with multiple missiles shot down by air defences while others hit the outskirts of the city.

Palestinian political force and militant group Hamas has sharply condemned Thursday’s missile attack on Syria, allegedly carried out by Israel, accusing Tel Aviv of targeting Muslims across the region and being egged on by the United States.

“The attack on the Syrian territories proves that the Zionist project has set the entire Muslim world as its target, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said, as quoted by Press TV.

“The arrogance of the [Israeli] regime is being fueled by the bullying and coercion of the United States, in addition to the actions of some parties seeking normalization with the Zionists,” Qassem added.

Qassem did not specify who these other ‘parties’ were. In the Arab world, only two nations – Egypt and Jordan, recognize Israel and have formal diplomatic relations with the country.

Israel has not commented on Thursday night’s Syria attack, which began at around 9:25 pm local time and saw multiple projectiles targeting the ancient city of Masyaf in Hama province. According to reports, missiles hit the city’s outskirts, and caused material damage, but no casualties. Syrian air defences reportedly shot down a number of the missiles. The attack was reportedly launched from Lebanese airspace in a bid to prevent Syria’s air defences from reacting in time. This is a common tactic used by the Israeli Air Force.

Israel has admitted to launching ‘hundreds’ of airstrikes into Syria over the years, claiming that it’s targeting an ‘Iranian’ military buildup which poses a threat to Israeli security. Syria and Iran have denied the claims, and accuse Tel Aviv of violating Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Hamas’s activities have sparked concerns in Israel as the Netanyahu government prepares to ‘apply sovereignty’ over wide swathes of Jewish settler-controlled areas in the West Bank, a territory recognized by the UN as belonging to the Palestinian Authority, starting July 1. Last week, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen reportedly flew to Egypt to discuss whether Hamas and other Palestinian actors had any plans to react to Israel’s actions with violence, including a possible new intifada. Hamas issued several warnings last month that it would not hesitate to use force to prevent Israel from moving forward with its West Bank plans.

Footage of 'Israeli Aggression' in Syria, Alleged Aftermath Emerges Online

Another report on what is seen by Syrian media as "Israeli aggression" emerged Thursday after a missile appeared in the sky over the city of Masyaf, in Syrian province of Hama.

Video and photos showing an alleged aftermath of an "Israeli attack" in the city of Masyaf, Syria, have appeared online. The incident, described by the Syrian news agency as "Israeli aggression", took place on Thursday, hitting the outskirts of the city and causing no casualties.

Footage of a missile in the sky over Masyaf was shared on social media along with photos and video of the alleged aftermath of the strike.

The incident was not commented on by Tel Aviv, as has happened repeatedly throughout the year following missile strikes considered by Syrian media as the Israeli military targeting Iranian military assets alleged to be in the country. Damascus has denounced the Israeli attacks, insisting that they violate the country's sovereignty.

Syrian Air Defence Systems Repel 'Israeli Aggression' in Hama Province - State

This comes as Tel Aviv has been stepping up its attacks on suspected Iranian targets inside Syria over the past two months.

Syrian air defence forces repelled what the media called an Israeli attack over the city of Masyaf in Syria's Hama province, according to the SANA news agency. 

The missiles hit the outskirts of the city, the agency added. 

SANA has posted a video "from our air defence to the Israeli aggression" that was recorded during the attack "in the atmosphere of Masyaf".

The news agency noted that there were no casualties, and said that the attack resulted in material damage only.

Lebanese media previously reported a violation of Lebanese airspace by Israeli aircraft flying at low altitudes.

The Israeli army refused to comment on the reports.

The Syrian state media have occasionally reported on what is being identified as Israeli attacks on Syrian soil against alleged Iranian assets.

Tel Aviv has never confirmed its attacks in Syria this year, declining to comment on reports emerging in "foreign media".