MUZAFFARGARH - The shortage of petrol and diesel continued on the fourth consecutive day in Muzaffargarh district on Thursday, causing great inconvenience to the people.

People were seen visiting different petrol pumps, but failed to find fuel to run their vehicles.

President Kot Addu Petroleum Association Muhammad Farhan, however, said that there was no shortage of petrol and cited recent statement of PSO MD in this connection.

He attributed the shortage to the oil depots and wholesale dealers, who, he claimed, had left petrol pumps dry and were now selling fuel to illegal oil agencies at higher prices instead.

People were now forced to buy petrol and diesel from illegal oil agencies after paying Rs100 extra for a liter, he added.

Farhan said that wholesale dealers neither had licences with them nor did Ogra acknowledge them.

“They buy petrol from petrol pumps in the name of invoices and then sell it to illegal oil agencies at higher prices where people are forced to buy it at

Rs165-200 per liter,” he added.

He said not a single petrol pump, out of total four in Kot Addu city, had petrol or diesel, but oil agencies had enough fuel to sell it at exorbitant prices.

He demanded the government to take action against the elements involved in the POL shortage scam.