While the unfortunate incident of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is under investigation, the letter that Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sent to the PIA blaming the pilot for the crash was unnecessary. Given that an independent foreign body is already investigating the aeroplane crash, the CAA’s letter is not short of a coercive tactic. The question worth asking is this: why is the CAA not waiting for the final report the Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) is tasked with?

Besides, one wonders what the basis of CAA’s assertions is. Has the authority received data, which has led it to conclude that the pilot was at fault? The BEA is still decoding the flight data box and cockpit voice recorder. If the investigation is still going on, how can anybody conclude anything? The independent foreign body has all the conversations and will be able to determine who is at fault. But the letter accusing the PIA pilot of the accident is akin to a jury issuing a guilty verdict without letting the investigation officers present their findings.

Before BEA concludes its investigation and shares its report with all the stakeholders, any finger-pointing will be based on speculations and speculations alone. It will be an insult to the sensitivities of the loved ones of those who lost their lives in this unfortunate instance. Sanity and decency demand to let the BEA do its job. For now, the Aviation Ministry, CAA, and PIA should focus on facilitating the loved ones of the departed in any way possible without distracting themselves in blame games. What we can conclude with certainty is that they are seriously struggling with this. Lastly, washing one’s hands off so soon after the incident is reflective of a mindset to avoid blame at all costs, even if it means not looking to improve in the future.