KABUL (AFP) - The Afghan Election Commission Wednesday upheld Aug 20 for the country's second presidential vote, flouting a decree from President Karzai for an April ballot. The announcement from Azizullaf Ludin, chief of the country's Independent Election Commission, leaves open the question of how to resolve a key constitutional problem. Although the IEC says it is impossible to hold adequate elections within weeks, given Afghanistan's overwhelming security problems, the constitution says the vote must be held 30 to 60 days before the President's five-year term expires on May 21. Anticipating the constitutional deadline, Karzai issued a decree Saturday calling for an April 20 election. "While we respect and accept the President's decree, its implementation is not possible because all the problems which we listed previously, which are mainly security and weather conditions, are still in place," said Ludin. "This is why after a thorough study the IEC came to the conclusion that we have to hold transparent, free and fair elections. That's why we confirm the date of August 20," he added. Nato welcomed the decision by the IEC to uphold the August 20 date for polls as it would give the military alliance more time to prepare security. "Nato and the Secretary-General welcome this decision by the Independent Election Commission," spokesman James Appathurai told reporters in Brussels. "This date will provide, from a purely technical point of view, the time for the alliance to prepare properly, to bring in the forces necessary, and the capabilities necessary, to provide the maximum possible support for the electoral process," he said.