ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Wednesday said its investigators were following "important leads" to identify the culprits of attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore that had also been shared with Sri Lanka. Speaking at a joint press conference here with his Sri Lankan counterpart, Rohita Bogollagama, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said he was unable to share details of those leads without compromising the investigation. He, however, said Pakistan had very good information that had been shared with Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, who arrived Wednesday morning to discuss the attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team with Pakistani leaders, asked for early possible arrest of the perpetrators. He, nonetheless, expressed full confidence in the probe being carried out by Pakistani investigators into the Lahore terrorist attacks. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister earlier called on President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. President Zardari told the visiting Foreign Minister that perpetrators of heinous terrorist assault on Sri Lankan Cricket team would be unearthed and dealt with iron hands. He also said that the terrorism is emerged as the global curse, which needs concerted efforts on international level to curb this menace on permanent ground. Prime Minister Gilani said the Lahore terrorist attack could not undermine deep-rooted friendly and excellent relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the cricket ties between the two countries would continue uninterrupted. At the press conference with Foreign Minister Qureshi, the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister said the dastardly act would not affect deep-rooted relations of the two countries. He said that he had been sent by his President to express deepest sympathies, solidarity and condolences with the people of Pakistan. He said police officials, who were on duty to protect the Sri Lankan cricket team and died in the brutal attack in Lahore laid down their lives to protect the Sri Lankan cricketers. He said that his country had successfully countered terrorism and was on the last stage of elimination of terrorism from its land. However, he said that it was for the first time ever that Sri Lankans had been targeted outside their country that was something of great concern to them. He said both Pakistan and Sri Lanka had remained victims of terrorism but now they had been struck at one location and one place. Foreign Minister Bogollagama said the seriousness shown by Pakistan over the issue of attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers had been registered well in Colombo. Sri Lanka, he said, saw Pakistan as a friend in need and a friend in deed. "Our friendship has grown and we stand together in our resolve to fight terror," he said. He said that his country would give serious consideration if an invitation were received for the Sri Lankan cricket team's visit to Pakistan in future. "Sri Lanka will not allow isolation of Pakistan in the world of cricket," he said. To a question, he said the possibility of involvement of LTTE in the attack on Sri Lankan players could not be ruled out adding that as a terrorist outfit it had external links and international connections. Foreign Minister Qureshi, earlier, described the terrorism as common threat. He reaffirmed Pakistan's resolve to counter the nefarious designs of terrorists. Foreign Minister Qureshi said a Pakistani special team might also visit Colombo to share details of future probe with Sri Lanka. He also lauded the Sri Lankan Government for its bold decision to send its team to Pakistan. The attack on Sri Lankan team was a desperate act to bring bilateral friendly relations under stress, he said. "However, the visit of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister is reflective of Colombo's friendship with Pakistan and its concern and anguish over the unfortunate incident," Qureshi said. He said the two countries condemned the incident in strongest possible terms and felt that terrorism had to be defeated in all its forms and manifestations. Pakistan would bring the perpetrators of the heinous crime to justice, he said. Abrar Saeed adds: Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani has said that the Lahore terrorist attack can't undermine deep-rooted friendly and excellent relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the cricket ties between the two countries would continue uninterrupted. Talking to Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Rohitha Bogollagama here at the PM House Wednesday, he acknowledged Sri Lankan government's gesture of having sent its cricket team on a tour of Pakistan at a time when most other countries were avoiding to do so. He said it reflected the strength of strong historical relations between the two countries and expressed his profound regrets with the members of Sri Lankan cricket team who suffered injuries in the dastardly terrorist attack. Gilani termed it a conspiracy aimed at isolating Pakistan's cricket and other sports while casting a shadow on Pakistan-Sri Lanka relations. He noted that both Pakistan and Sri Lanka had been victims of terrorism and called for concerted efforts for rooting out this menace. The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, while condemning the Lahore incident in strongest possible terms, paid glowing tributes to Pakistani police officials who sacrificed their lives to prevent harm to Sri Lankan cricketers. He said his country had been fighting terrorism for the last 27 years and was now on the verge of eradicating it from its soil. He said that with the cooperation of friendly countries like Pakistan, his government would ensure that the LTTE terrorists' designs to find sanctuaries abroad would be foiled. He said it was for the first time that Sri Lankan nationals had been attacked on a foreign soil and called for a thorough investigation so that the identity of the perpetrators could be determined and they were brought to justice. After the meeting the Prime Minister hosted a lunch in the honour of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, which among others was attended by Defence Minister Ch Ahmad Mukhtar, Minister for Information Sherry Rahman, DG ISI Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha and Secretary Interior Syed Kamal Shah.