WASHINGTON (Agencies) - Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger on Tuesday called the Bush government "a failed administration" and said that the US and the world could not afford a repeat of the last eight years. Kissinger also made similar statements about the Bush administration in September. Kissinger, during his address at a dinner in Washington celebrating the 50th anniversary of The International Institute for Strategic Studies, a Britain-based think tank, was asked to predict the Obama Administration's likely first mistakes in foreign policy. While acknowledging that he supported Sen John McCain, Republican of Arizona, over Barack Obama, in the elections, Kissinger said President Obama's "success is extremely important to the US and the world. We should not have another failed administration." He further said, "I've taken a pledge not to criticise [the Obama Administration] for a period of months. When a new administration comes in, they bring a lot of people who have thought of foreign policy in theoretical and abstract terms. "They have to be acclimatised. They should be given the benefit of the doubt and the ability to develop their own ideas."