Zack Snyder has revealed that he will never make a follow-up to superhero movie Watchmen. Speaking to Access Hollywood, the director claimed that making a sequel to the blockbuster would not "make sense" because it would "miss the entire point" of what the film is about. "There's no way I would be involved in a sequel or prequel," he said. "Will they make one? I have no idea how you would. The work is the work. This movie is about ideas." Based on the twelve-issue limited edition graphic novels by illustrator Dave Gibbons and writer Alan Moore, the film tells the story of a group of vigilantes working in the Cold War period of 1985. Despite being contractually obligated to participate in a follow-up, the stars of the movie have also voiced their doubts about the likelihood of a sequel. "The fans would kill us if we tried to go and do something else," said Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays The Comedian.- DS