Pakistan has been the victim of an all round decline in sports, particularly cricket in which people still have some hope of betterment. People were biased against Dr. Naseem Ashraf's administration because he banned many popular superstars like Abdul Razzaq, Rana Naveed, Imran Nazir etc. The public saw no crime in these players signing up with Indian Cricket League (ICL). After all, they played the sport for their better livelihood. The real reason for the ban was the conflict between the Indian cricket board and ICL. The Indian cricket board declared a war on ICL branding it as 'rebel cricket'. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) reinforced that view by banning its own players without thinking about the future of Pakistan cricket. PCB probably did it because it was in awe of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the wealthiest and most influential Asian cricket board in international cricket. PCB probably expected BCCI to help in the revival and conduct of international cricket in Pakistan. After Dr. Naseem Ashraf's replacement in the PCB, the cricket enthusiasts were hoping for a new board comprising renowned Pakistani cricketers. But the present board has turned out to be an even bigger disappointment. It has still not lifted the ban from the ICL players and continues to support the BCCI on the issue. Despite going the extra mile for BCCI, the new PCB has been unable to get international support to protect interests of Pakistan cricket. Pakistan was deprived of hosting the Champions Trophy and to add insult to injury, the Indian Premier League (IPL) suspended majority of the Pakistani players, a move that PCB aped again at home. The banned Pakistani ICL players have since gone to court to get their right of playing for Pakistan accepted. The Sindh High Court has allowed them to play domestic cricket but their return to international cricket still has a question mark to it. -USAMA RASHEED, Karachi, via e-mail, February 24.