NEW DELHI (APP) - India again test-fired on Wednesday its new version of cruise BrahMos missile in Pokharan range in Rajasthan after it failed to hit target on January 20 trial. The officials claimed the Block II supersonic BrahMos missile with a range of 290 kms was successfully launched at 1030 hours this morning. BrahMos missile system is a joint venture of Russia and India. The missile hit the target in a two-and-a-half minute after firing from Pokharan range in Rajasthan. It was fired in a vertical-launch configuration, the officials said. "The new seeker system is unique and it will help us to hit the targets, which may be insignificant in terms of size, in a cluster of large buildings. We are the only nation having this advanced technology," media reports quoting officials said. As many as 240 missiles will be supplied to the Indian army in two years from now as per the original schedule, officials said.