KARACHI - Ms Shahida Farooq, chairperson of Subh-e-Nau tennis an affiliate of the PTF, said the unfortunate incident in Lahore had badly hurt future of Pakistan sports at least in short term. Talking to The Nation here Wednesday she said the first casualty of Lahore incident was the ITF Junior Under 18 Tennis which she had planned to host in the city from March 14. The competition been postponed after International Tennis Federation (ITF) asked PTF to postpone this event due to security situation in the country, she said and added revised dates for commencement of this event will be announced later. She said international competitions would be difficult to organize at home as foreign teams would think twice before visiting Pakistan after the unfortunate incident. Even international federations would find it hard to convince foreign teams to visit Pakistan, she said. Foreign teams were already selective in visiting Pakistan for the past many years and the latest tragedy would further make it difficult to invite foreign teams. The only way left open for Pakistan to meet these unexpected challenges, she said was to generate as much sports activities as possible at home to keep the interest of sportsman alive. Extra burden would fall upon the national sports federation, she said and suggested that the federations should organize events from lower to the national level to remove despondency set in amongst the sportsmen after the attack which had brought only shame to the country. He said national and local sponsors also carry responsibility to generate sports activity. Without the support of the sponsors, she said the national federations would not be able to work effectively. Sponsors she said were backbone of sports promotiton, without them nothing would move.Governemenet she said with its limited resources was doing whatever it could but additional support should come from the sponsors, she added. Talking about tennis, she said her organization before and after getting associate affiliation of the Pakistan Tennis Federation had organized a number of national and even international events with its own resources. It would continue to do so in future but it would need financial support from all quarters also.