LAHORE (PR) - Environment problems have not only affected Pakistan but also the whole world. A number of serious environmental problems are inherent in Pakistan, which are of great ecological concern in terms of healthier, fresh and clean environment. These include soil erosion, pesticides misuse, deforestation, desertification, urban pollution, water logging, salinity, fresh water pollution just to name a few. The current environmental state in Pakistan has encouraged Moody International (Pvt.) Ltd. A top British company to address the core environmental issues in Pakistan. Moody International considers its national obligation and an onus upon themselves to leave no stone unturned in finding ways towards betterment and a bright future. Moody International UK has joined hands with Amnesty International UK in the Environment Carnival / walk for the cause of Peace and Environment Protection. Moody International believes that the secret to successful conservation is not to keep it a secret That is why we devote our resources to reaching out to a large and ever-growing audience of students, teachers, government and NGOs and the general public to spread awareness and to engage their energies in taking action before it is too late. For this purpose Moody International has stepped forward with Amnesty International to Gather Children and their families from top educational institutes to spread awareness regarding important Environmental issues at large.