ISLAMABAD - President Pakistan Football Federation Faisal Salah Hayat has given foreign coach of national soccer team Gorge Cottan freehand in selecting the outfits for the upcoming international competitions. While talking to reporters in a press conference here on Wednesday at Media Centre of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) before visiting the ongoing training camp, the head of the PFF disclosed that the PFF had inked solitary year contract the coach. "However, it will be extendable on the basis of team performance in the regional international competitions, "he maintained. Coach Gorge Cottan and Director Media PFF in Islamabad Muhammad Irfan Naizi were also present on this occasion. Faisal further said that Asian Football Confederation (AFC) allotted the next edition of AFC Under-19 Football Championship to Pakistan that would be staged in the last quarter of this year 2009. "The Lahore incident in which terrorists hit the Sri Lankan cricket team on last Tuesday was aimed to isolate the Pakistan. However, it also damaged the sports in the country but the situation will be clear soon and the AFC Under-19 soccer event will be held in Pakistan, "he hoped. "However, venue will be selected later, "he added. Responding to a question, he said that Cottan was more experienced and qualified coach as compare to last Salman Shereeda. "However, Pakistan team produced excellent results in the international competition under the training of Salman. Pakistan did well against the top teams of the Asian including South Korea, Iraq. We have maintained the same level at the moment while the other teams of the region went ahead because we had lost the services of Salman, "he described. Faisal Salah Hayat said that the coach would work with the senior as well as with the junior team. "We have set a comprehensive plan to uplift the standard of game in the country. However, Prime Minister Football Tournament scheduled to be played in Nepal from March 8, AFC Football Cup from April 6 at Colombo and 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh are major commitments of the national team. I am optimistic that the team would bring acceptable results in the regional competitions, "he said. While answering another question, he said that there was no communication problem between the players and coach. "Coach is monitoring each player in the camp and we got his opinion before finalizing the national team. He hinted out the weakness and handicaps of the players and guided them perfectly, "head of the Pakistan Football Federation replied another question. On this eve, Coach Gorge Cottan said that Pakistan was a beautiful land and have the talent of soccer. "The standard of the game may be raised with the passage of time, as technical knowledge, conditions, international grounds, coaches, media, sponsorships and PFF are essential items to build a world class soccer team. After that regular practice and international matches for the players, who have the winning spirit are also important to develop the team, "he said. Responding to a question, he said, "The players are ambassadors of peace and they build the image of the nation at abroad. Lahore incident is an unforgettable for the sportsmen of the whole world in which players were targeted and they got injuries, "he viewed.