LONDON (AFP) - Rising concern among cricketers' over security were raised with the ICC a week before the deadly attack on the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan, players union boss Tim May has revealed. May, the Chief Executive of the Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA), said he had met with officials at the International Cricket Council to report the findings of a recent survey of players on their safety and security. "Unfortunately the tragedy in Lahore only heightens those concerns," May said. "At this time its not appropriate to go into the detail of either the survey or the meeting, but there was a general acceptance that cricket needs to construct firm processes involving both players and administrators to address any effects on cricket that an escalation of terrorism may have in cricket playing countries." FICA is calling for a summit of security/strategic experts with players to "brainstorm" proposals aimed at reducing the risk of a repeat of Tuesday's attacks. "An increasing number of players have expressed a desire for an independent level of comfort surrounding security arrangements re this event," May said. IPL bosses are currently considering delaying the tournament after the Indian government indicated it might be difficult to ensure adequate security for the tournament because it overlaps with elections in April and May. Doubts have also been expressed over whether the world's top players will be prepared to travel to South Asia in the wake of both Tuesday's attacks and last year's siege in Mumbai.