ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced a unified tariff scheme for all one-net calls with aims at providing more value and convenience to its customers. Beginning from March 1, the customers can make calls to any PTCL wire-line of WLL number in Pakistan for the same rate as local calls, i.e, Rs. 2 for 3 minutes, said a press release issued here Wednesday. Previously customers were charged a rate for Rs. 2/min for nationwide calls and Rs. 2 for 3 minutes for local calls. Now this distinction has been removed and the customers can make on-net calls for one simple rate of Rs. 2 for 3 minutes. "Now every call on PTCL's network is a local call", said Dr. Sadik Al-Jadir (SEVP Commercial). He said PTCL would continue to bring new products and innovative services for this fixed line subscribers at affordable rates. He said PTCL is the largest telecommunications service provider in Pakistan offering a portfolio of products and services for consumers and corporate customers. Dr Sadik said PTCL is also the leading infrastructure provider for other telecom operators and the major internet backbone provider in Pakistan. In addition to its product offering, PTCL strives to bring quality and convenience to its landline subscribers by endeavoring to provide best quality voice service, instant connectivity, 34x7 helpline, directory assistance and one toll free number (0800-80800) for acquiring a new lanoline, WLL and broadband/ IPTV connection.