ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party is poised to mend its fences with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) on quid pro quo basis and major breakthrough in this regard is most likely to come within next few days, The Nation learnt reliably here on Wednesday. "In the first phase of reconciliation, PPP would withdraw Governor Rule from Punjab and may remove Governor Salman Taseer, thus sending a clear rapprochement signal to PML-N leadership", said the sources from within the PPP. According to these sources, there was immense internal and external pressure on PPP-led coalition government to end political turmoil in Pakistan, being a frontline state in internationally waged war on terror. "Many back channels are operating to defuse the tension between PPP and PML-N and the positive results of these efforts are likely to come to surface within a week", said the sources. The sources privy to the developments told The Nation that both parties were exerting extreme pressure on each other to get maximum advantage in final bargaining round. "PPP is not very serious to form its government in Punjab but by posing so it wants to compel PML-N to accept its bitter demand regarding lawyers' long march. Same is the case with PML-N that aspires to bring PPP leadership on its knees through show of street power", said a PPP leader seeking not to be named. He said that both parties knew the fact very clearly that prolonged political confrontation might give an opportunity to a third force to destabilize the democratic order. Some other sources within the coalition government claimed that the deposed Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry could also be reinstated with his curtailed powers, barring him to take even suo motto notices. "PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif in his meeting on Wednesday with ANP and JUI-F chiefs told them categorically that PML-N would not enter into negotiations with PPP till the restoration of deposed judiciary and abolition of acts of February 25 that resulted in ousting PML-N government in Punjab", said the sources. Being aware of reconciliatory moves between PPP and PML-N, Pakistan Muslim League-Q has also halted its active wheeling-dealing in the province till the final outcome of ongoing move. A central PML-Q leader having good links with country's establishment and international policy makers, while talking to The Nation said that he was seeing the reconciliation between PPP and PML-N within a week's time. "The reconciliation will be on the basis of quid pro quo under which PPP would lift Governor Rule followed by the replacement of Salman Taseer, and in response PML-N would have to show flexibility over its stance on judges issue and the lawyers sit-in plan", he added. He feared that if the reconciliation efforts failed the existing order could be packed up.