LAHORE - On the 8th day of PML-N's protest demonstrations including sit-ins and huger strike camps, central protest camp was held in front of the Lahore Press Club here on Wednesday. PML-N minority wing led by Kamran Michael organised the demonstration. Symbolic sit-in and hunger strike camp were also observed on the occasion. A number of huger strike camps and sit-ins including at the Mall by PML-N cultural wing were held. The charged protestors continued their protest against the disqualification of Sharif brothers and the imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab with a pledge to continue the struggle till the restoration of the independent judiciary. They were chanting slogans like 'Nawaz Sharif Zindabad', 'Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry Zindabad', 'Lawyers Movement Zindabad' and 'Marna Hoga Gina Hoga, Dharna Hoga Dharna Hoga'. The local leaders addressed the gatherings outside the camps with regular intervals. They said the government disqualified Sharifs through its handpicked judges, thus creating political instability in the existing sensitive situation. Appreciating their party's principled stance, the leaders said the PML-N would never compromise on principles and "will render every sacrifice in future for the rule of the law." Without having a free judiciary, they said, the problems of the people could not be solved. Addressing the demonstrators in front of the Lahore Press Club Hamza Shahbaz said it was astonishing that the PCO judges disqualified Sharif brothers and President Zardari imposed Governor Rule, removing elected democratic PML-N government in Punjab. He said the party would not accept civilian dictatorship at any cost. He said the nation had rejected the disqualification of Sharif brothers by the Supreme Court formed unconstitutionally and illegally by military dictator General (r) Musharraf. He said the only way to redress all the problems was to reinstate conscientious judges including Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to Nov 2, 2007 position and restoring the Constitution at Oct 1999 position. He held the President primarily responsible for all the present crises that he caused by violating the Charter of Democracy (CoD), going back on his promises to restore the judges, and pursuing the dictator's agenda. "Nothing has changed after the exit of Gen (r) Musharraf who could have stayed if no change was to come after him." He said, "I think the spirit of Musharraf has possessed President Zardari." Hamza vowed that the PML-N would take the movement to its logical end so as not to leave mess in the shape of 'slave Supreme Court, crippled Parliament, lawlessness, price-hike and unemployment." He said the SC had disqualified N-League leadership on the directives of the President. "The decision was a raid on democracy," he alleged and added the judgment proved that the country was still under the influence of the dictatorship of the President. He further said the judiciary was important for solidarity, integrity, sovereignty and survival of the country. He said there was no difference between the government of Musharraf and the ruling government of Asif Ali Zardari. "Benazir Bhutto Shaheed would have certainly acted upon the agreement" however, he said, President Zardari despite making several promises was not restoring the sacked judges. Hamza also said that the main objective of Nawaz Sharif was to restore the deposed judges and give freedom to judiciary. "We will struggle till the freedom of judiciary and restoration of Justice Chaudhry," he said while saying, "Protests against the unconstitutional steps of President Asif Zardari would continue."