The reports about the seven years old Laiba Asim, who was injured in a cross-fire, are disturbing. For some reason, the Frontier Constabulary is unwilling to pay for her medical costs. That might be because the institution is facing financial constraints or being far too entangled in various operations for its high officials to be able to take note of the 'trivial matter of a little victim of crossfire. But what is really perplexing is the silence of the NWFP government which has received substantial additional funds for taking care of the injured and disabled of the war. I would urge the authorities everywhere-Islamabad, Peshawar and FC Headquartersto empathize with little Laiba and think for a moment how would it feel if their daughters were denied medical care on the pretext that government, or any institution of the government cant afford it? The frequency of these tragedies has may be made us numb but are we so insensitive that we are not even willing to give a young child the right to live a normal life? -SADIA HUSSAIN, Islamabad, March 3.