Some of our religious leaders are misguiding the common Pakistanis by saying if America has been now forced to have a dialogue with Taliban, why cant Pakistan do the same? In my view, this is a flawed and very misleading argument. First, America has decided to have a dialogue only with the non-terrorist Taliban. Second, they are not having any dialogue with Al Qaeda or the Taliban who support Al Qaeda. Third, the dialogue would be conducted only after outcome of the current offensive, when the so-called 'surge by NATO is over. If the offensive is successful, the Americans would enter into dialogue from the position of strength and not weakness. If the current offensive is not successful, they would also review their strategy about dialogue. Pakistan, I may point out, had done dialogue from a position of weakness in Swat and every body saw what the consequences were. Taliban broke the agreement and started moving towards Islamabad. Pakistan Army had also entered into three agreements with Taliban in South Waziristan and North Waziristan and every time, the Taliban broke the truce. My clear understanding is that one can have a dialogue with only those who keep their word. Entering into dialogue with those who have a history of not keeping their word is useless. My question to the religious leaders who are crying out for a dialogue with Taliban is that with that kind of history, and the cruelty with which they continue to take lives of our innocent men, women and children, what is the dire need for talking to them at all? -DR. FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, February 27.