FOREIGN Secretary Salman Bashir has declared that if India continued to intrude into Pakistans internal affairs, it would have negative consequences. Clearly this is a reference once again to Indias assistance to militants in Balochistan and FATA. But it is absurd to claim that Pakistan does not have to provide proof to anyone since India knows exactly what it is doing. Of course, India does but the rest of the world is not informed properly on this and India is taking full advantage of the international communitys ignorance on the aiding and abetting of terrorism within Pakistan by India. It is the job of the Pakistan government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to inform the world about Indias dangerous games in this region. On this count, we have been found badly wanting. It may also have something to do with the lack of clarity in terms of foreign policy that this government has, beyond kowtowing to the US. Whatever the causation, the nation is paying a heavy price for our effectively doing nothing on Indian interference of the worst kind in Pakistan. The Foreign Secretary was correct on another count also, when he stated that India is simply using the words of Hafiz Saeeds to continue stalling the dialogue process when these do not represent the views of the Pakistan government. In fact, as he pointed out, it would be like Pakistan allowing Bal Thackereys repeatedly hate-filled words to dictate its policy towards India. The absurdity was highlighted as it should have been, because it reveals that India is simply grasping at straws to prevent the composite dialogue from restarting again. However, if this is the Indian position, it would make little sense for Pakistan to push for the recommencement of this process as India would be in no mood to proceed substantially on the conflict issues. And without such movement on the part of India, no dialogue can be effective. Moreover, India is having its own internal problems with regard to its Pakistan policy as the harsh exchange between Prime Minister Singh and BJP leader Advani in the Lok Sabha over Kashmir, reflects. India seems confused, as never before, on how to proceed with Pakistan. The confusion seems most acute over the issue of Kashmir since India is realising the costs of its occupation and the futility of using force to gain acceptance. Generations of Kashmiris have given their lives to continue their struggle against Indian occupation and the struggle continues and seems destined to do so till Kashmiris get their right to self determination as guaranteed to them by the UN Charter (of which India is a signatory), UN Security Council resolutions and India itself through Prime Minister Nehrus pledge to the Kashmiri people. It is time Pakistan exposed Indian designs and stopped being in a rush to restart the composite dialogue or any other form of dialogue until India becomes more rational in its Pakistan policy.