KARACHI - The nationalist parties of Sindh have alleged that the PPP government is planning to rig the upcoming local government elections and the appointment of the government officers as administrators on the choice of the coalition partners was part of this plot. Talking to TheNation, they also demanded that Judiciary should take notice of allotting of districts to the political parties and feudal heads of Sindh through appointing administrators on their choice. Awami Tehreek President Ayaz Latif Palijo criticized the appointments of administrators on political basis, saying said that the PPP and its allies are trying to push Sindh into pre-partition historic feudal era. He said the Sindh government wants to create an atmosphere of post war of Afghanistan in Sindh where everyone province and areas were allocated to warlords. Similarly, the PPP government distributed the different districts of Sindh to feudal lords, tribal heads, and Pirs to please its allies and to prolong their rule in the province. He termed that the PPP has not fulfilled its promises made with the people of Sindh prior to election on February 18, 2008, demanding that before the upcoming local government elections, the Karachi should be bifurcated into five districts, while Hyderabad be restored into its original form as this promise was made by PPP prior coming into power. He demanded that coming local government election in Karachi should be monitored by international observers, civil society organisations and judiciary to refrain a particular group from manipulating the election results. He emphasized strict eye to check on the financial matters of Sindh, fearing that the Sindh government will try to use the funds to manipulate the local government elections in the province. Mr Palijo alleged that Interior Minister Rehman Malik is unnecessarily interfering in the matters of Sindh and dictating the government of Sindh. He also said the Sindh government has been forced to compromise and to meet all the demands of urban group. The Awami Tehreek president criticized the governments decision of handing over administrative control of Karachi Control Building Authority to Governor. However, Save Sindh Movement chief Shah Muhammad Shah criticized over the appointment of government officials as administrators on political basis, saying that coalition partners of Sindh government has appointed officers as administrators on their choice and keeping in their political affiliation. Shah opined that government officers are servant of state as they draw salaries from the national exchequer, but government wants to exploit them to serve their interest in local government elections. He said that his party is going to challenge the appointment of officers as administrators on the choice of the coalition partners of Sindh government. In this regard, a constitutional petition would be field in Sindh High Court to refrain Sindh government to appoint of administrators on political basis. He also said that the government officers who have been appointed as administrators have proved themselves partisan, so non-partisan officers should be appointed as administrator. Mr Shah said that four nationalist parties including Awami Tehreek of Palijo, Sindh Tarqi Passand Party of Dr Qadir Magsi, Sindh United Party of Jalal Mehmood Shah and Sindh Save Movement will contest local government elections on one platform. The people of Sindh are annoyed with the PPP government as it has not fulfilled it promises which it had made with them prior to election, he said and demanded that Judiciary should ensure the independent and transparent elections. Chief of his own faction Jeay Sindh Qaumi Muhaz (JSQM) Abdul Wahid Araisar said that his party has yet not decided to contest local government elections. He maintained that the PPP government might not hold local government elections because history reminds us that elected governments do not tolerate the third tier government system, Local Governments.