IT has long been known that the police exercises an almost mindless brutality in its treatment of the ordinary citizen. So ubiquitous is this brutality that it has been given the name of thana culture. An example was displayed on TV screens the country over when the Bhowana police was shown beating robbery suspects in public, mercilessly, stripped naked, with a large chittar, or slipper. This showed in graphic detail that all the pay raises given had not made a difference to the culture of brutality and viciousness. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan spokesperson was right to describe the act as torture, and a violation of the Constitution. Thus the police high command was doing no more than the bare minimum by arresting the concerned policemen. However, the IGP, presently making all the right noises, must make sure that the policemen responsible do not get away with mere arrests, and that they are duly punished, just as much as any ordinary citizen who violates the rights of another. The police must realize, not just pay lip service to the ideal, that they are not the trying authority, just the investigating, and the trial is to be conducted by the judiciary. The old police excuse of the corruption of the judiciary letting criminals be acquitted no matter the investigation, is now being redressed by the judiciary itself, under Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The traditional methods of policing, which involved torturing and humiliating all those merely suspected of a crime, cannot stand the scrutiny of modern methods. It is probably symbolic that the footage came from a private citizen using a mobile phone, not the traditional gatherers of news, and media outlets could not stop publication, because of the competition that would see the footage go to some other channel. Thus it is fitting that the Punjab police itself should tackle this, and the provincial government must ensure that the police does not relent in providing justice. However, the malaise is not limited just to Bhowana, so the IGP must ensure that his myriad other police stations stop this heinous practice.